Long Shadows

Falling in love with her dream man turned into a nightmare for high school teacher Kate Livingstone when Jake Foster abruptly disappeared. Kate unexpectedly discovered she was pregnant and, while trying to notify Jake, learned he wasn’t really a professor doing summer research in Caldwell Springs, Colorado, but a violent ex-con with a totally different agenda.  For nine years, Kate’s successfully kept everyone—including her daughter Emily—from learning the truth about Emily’s father.  But now Jake’s back and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it’s because he’s discovered Kate’s secret.

A loner by choice, Jake isn’t anxious to deal with the one woman he’s never been able to forget, especially considering she concealed his daughter from him. Even though he’s got some major secrets of his own. . .

When circumstances force Kate and Jake together, mutual reservations and distrust can’t quench the fire that erupts between them.  What neither realizes is that more than Emily’s happiness—or even their own hearts—is at stake.  Because someone else has been keeping secrets, and Jake’s return has set into motion a series of events that could very well result in both their deaths.  As they’re destined to discover, in more ways than one, old sins truly cast long shadows.