To Chicago prosecutor Rebecca Jamison, handsome womanizer and defense super lawyer Luke Tyler is proof positive God still hasn’t forgiven women for the whole Garden of Eden fiasco, with professional scruples that would offend the devil.  She’d detest him even without that secret from her past.  So when Rebecca blacks out during a major murder trial and awakens to discover she’s somehow traveled back to 1871 Illinois and the only person she recognizes is Luke, she’s positive her life can’t get any worse.  

She’s wrong.

Luke portrays himself as a carefree cad, but that’s  a protective device he constructed in response to a personal tragedy. Principles his late mother drilled into him won’t let him desert Rebecca, and they reluctantly agree to stick together. As they struggle to survive in 1871 and to find their way back to the future, their strong personalities and clashing styles generate sparks and, unexpectedly, a fiery romance.  Turning that into a long-term relationship, however, will require them to deal with painful secrets from both their pasts, including the horrible part Luke unwittingly played in Rebecca’s.  

They won’t have the chance to discover whether their love can survive in any century unless they defeat their greatest threat: a cunning, cold-blooded killer. Because Luke’s client—a deceptively nice college boy who’s already killed at least six times—also traveled back to 1871.  He’s killing again. And he’s determined to make his modern-day prosecutor his next victim.